gwen ifill (glasses)

Earlier today it was announced that long time PBS journalist Gwen Ifill died from uterine cancer at the relatively young age of 61. 

With Ifill’s passing, our own Steven Ivory had some personal thoughts about the legendary journalist and how she affected his life and career.

*One of the proudest moments of writing my column for EURweb was when trail-blazing television journalist Gwen Ifill responded by email to a couple of my essays.

This was during the early days of EUR, not long after site founder Lee Bailey convinced me to contribute, despite my insistence that “people aren’t going to just sit read stuff online.” Of course, I was wrong about this.

I don’t remember the pieces to which Ifill responded or exactly what she wrote–just a line or two saying that she enjoyed what she read. However, the very idea that Ifill, between reporting world events and interviewing presidents, could find time to read my work and then drop a line, put me on cloud nine.

Ifill did her thing with dignified character and a warm, intelligent charm that will always be the difference between a vacant TV anchor who simply reads the news and the gifted, skilled professional who pursues their work with heart and reason. That was Gwen Ifill.

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