L.Michelle Salvant’s Stories of Faith 360/Post Election: New President, Same God


Well, The Election is over, we have a new President(USA), and God is not caught off guard by any of it. That has been my response since the election results came in, and as I prepare to embrace a very different next 4 years of leadership in this country.

New President, Same God is my final answer to questions from people wondering what my Faith makes of all of this.  And it’s interesting to see/read what others in the Faith community have to say.  Some have seemed more fear-based than faith based these days, wondering about the future, and unsure what may happen next.

Still others are standing strong, with these four words becoming a hashtag on many posts…#GodIsInControl.  And then…there was this quote…from an artist I interviewed a few weeks back… Royce Lovett…who in the midst of the all the politics, all the questions, all the pressures to find a place where we(people of color, people of faith, just people in general) belong…one word, he says, could bring clarity to it all…Love.  His quote,simple, thought provoking and true… ” Don’t hang your purpose and success on elected officials…let’s hang it on Love.” Royce Lovett, Facebook Page;


Royce, a Christian artist, with a whole new sound, and entirely new vibe, told me weeks ago…he believes Love is the language that allows us to truly connect/relate to all mankind.  Which is especially key in times like these! And, he’s not alone.  Even the CEO of Starbucks in a letter to his employees just before election day said, “we can still make a difference in the lives of the people we touch and influence every day. Kindness, compassion, empathy, and yes love is what we need,” said Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO.

In the Bible, the word Love appears more than 310 times(depending on the translation), and is likened to being both comforting and correcting.  It’s also, according to 1John 4:8, said to have its origination in the originator…God…because as the verse says God is Love.  So in that sense, I agree with all the previous statements that Love or (God) is what we need in a time like this.

Love expressed by way of compassion for those who lack understanding of our Life views/perspectives.  Love expressed through Correction for those who often let their misunderstanding of people lead to actions that cause more harm than good.  At the end of the day, Love. God. and Prayer, for ourselves, for our incoming President, and for our nation in general…are my focus for the next 4-years and beyond as we embark on this new era. Be Encouraged.

For more information or to see the 360 photo of Artist Royce Lovett…taken during our Stories of Faith 360 interview weeks ago….see below.


L.Michelle Salvant is a Christian Lifestyle Blogger who started writing the Stories of Faith column back in 2004.  A 19-Year Media Veteran, with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism, L.Michelle owns an Online Media Company/Institute which specializes in “A New Type Of Storytelling” which includes Social Storytelling, Capturing Stories through 360 Photos and Presenting Stories through Virtual Reality.

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