*“There’s a lot of noise out there, there’s a lot of clutter…but think about the millions of lives that can be touched by an hour a day turning on the TV and getting to spend that time with T.D. JAKES.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is celebrating 15 groundbreaking and revolutionary years on television! He brings his wisdom, insight and opinions to T.D. JAKES this week.  Spending a full hour with T.D. Jakes – the two dynamic talk show hosts discuss everything from the emotional evolution of our youth, protecting the sanctity of marriage, exercising the first amendment and finding passion in your day-to-day life.

In the clip above, Dr. Phil praises T.D. JAKES, thanking him for bringing his knowledge and guidance to millions of Americans – explaining why it’s one of the most important, and necessary, shows on television today. After all, “it’s not quantity, it’s quality” and that’s exactly what T.D. JAKES offers every day.

**Tune in to the full episode today MONDAY, November 21st.  Check your local listings. Also available on OWN at 6pm EST / PST. **


The newly syndicated daily one-hour talk show T.D. JAKES, hosted by the best-selling author, film and music producer, and entrepreneur, premiered in more than 50 TEGNA markets on Monday, September 12th as well as on OWN on September 19th. The show and its original social media content feature real personal stories and honest conversations with celebrity and non-celebrity guests. Filmed before a live studio audience in LA, T.D. JAKES airs weekdays in afternoon time periods around the country as well as at 6:00pm EST / PST on OWN. Series is produced by Tegna Media, 44 Blue Productions, Jakes’ TDJ Enterprises and enLight Productions.