*I have a luxury home with a large fenced yard just steps away from the Lake of the Isles that has been remodeled for the safety of your child. 

This is how Nataliia Karia, 42, promotes Uptown Daycare, which she runs in Minneapolis, on her Facebook page. The same center where she attempted to hang a 16-month-old child.

Thankfully, the child, who was found dangling, was spared by a parent who had come to drop her own child off.

Karia was nowhere to be found. She had fled in her gold minivan.

WTF. WTF. WTF!!!! Have people totally lost their freakin’ minds? 

The parent called 911, and not long after, police started receiving calls about a woman driving haphazardly, and hitting people before she tried to commit suicide by jumping off an overpass.

Police, who eventually caught up with Karia after she had injured two people — a pedestrian standing on the corner and a bicyclist — restrained her and she was unable to jump.

No one knows what set this woman off.

Watch the video report at EURThisNthat.