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E.J. Jackson

*If you’re from Los Angeles, you’re no doubt familiar with Jackson Limousine Service, one of the top limousine/transportation companies in Southern California.

The legendary limo service is ultra-popular with some of the absolute biggest celebrities in the world and at the same time, for regular folks, Jackson Limousine is also the go-to company for proms, funerals, a weekend on the town and all kinds of special events.

Jackson Limousine was headed it’s founder E.J. Jackson, but no more because unfortunately E.J. passed away Tuesday evening at a local hospital. Details are still sketchy, but EUR was informed that the cause was a massive heart attack. As of this posting, no other details have been released. We will have more info as it becomes available.

Jackson’s untimely death comes as the E.J. Jackson Foundation was gearing up for its 34th annual turkey dinner giveaway preceding Thanksgiving Day. The heavily anticipated event typically serves thousands of people with complete Thanksgiving day meals.


Only weeks before his massive annual Thanksgiving turkey giveaway, E.J. Jackson of Jackson Limousine Service (pictured in 2015) has died. (photo: KABC)

So now on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, there are long lines of hope and grateful people, stretching for blocks, waiting patiently to receive a turkey with all the dinner fixings – cornbread, greens, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, fresh produce, cookies, water, and more donated by the E.J. Jackson Foundation.

The history of the event is this: It started in 1982, when several seniors approached him about providing food for Thanksgiving. They were not able to afford a turkey on their fixed incomes so he purchased 100 turkeys.

The next year he provided 200 turkeys and the following year 500. 33 years later the event has grown to providing 12,000-plus turkeys with groceries, given to seniors, the disabled, veterans, wounded warriors, and people who just need a helping hand to brighten up their holidays. When it comes to giving back to the community, his generosity has no boundaries. It has become his mission to not only give on Thanksgiving, but now all year round.

Of those who received boxes full of groceries at last year’s event, some were homeless, while others disabled, and many struggling to pay the bills, reported CBSLosAngeles.

The event even attracts celebrities as volunteers.

“At a young age, someone looked me in the face and said, ‘You are worth it. You are special.’ And if we can do that for anyone else, your life can be completely changed. Completely different,” said actress Dawnn Lewis.

Lewis, along with actor Darius McCrary has volunteered at the give-away for years.

“Every day, I see people that cannot make enough money to pay their rent or medication or anything,” Jackson, the event’s founder, said. “And we all are like one paycheck from a disaster.”

Isn’t that the truth. E.J. Jackson is going to be missed.