*“Here’s the thing about “Almost Christmas,” No family is that crazy!” – Will Packer

Almost Christmas tells the festive story of beloved patriarch Walter Meyers (Danny Glover), who asks his family for one gift this holiday season…to get along. If they can spend five days under the same roof without killing one another, it will be a Christmas miracle. EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas asked the all-star cast how their families behave during the holidays.

Scene from 'Almost Christmas'

Scene from ‘Almost Christmas’

EUR: How would you fare under one roof with your family for five days?

Gabrielle Union: Not well, not well.

Omar Epps: It depends on how much drinking is going on…
Gabrielle Union: There you go! Yeah, like what kind of cocktails? How strong are those cocktails? How many have we had per day? What games are on? That all determines it.

Omar Epps: Stuff happens.


Scene from 'Almost Christmas'

Scene from ‘Almost Christmas’

Keri Hilson: I can’t last. I do Christmas Eve because it’s my mom’s birthday and I spend the night and on the 25th after we open the gifts, I’m out.

JB Smoove: Now my family, we’re loud, everyone is funny or thinks they’re funny. So that’s a weird mix. I’m from North Carolina so we loud, we laugh, we talk about ourselves in the third person like, ‘you know how dem’Brooks do!’ That’s how everybody talks! We have a loud family! But there are some energies and dynamics that don’t deal with each other.

DC Young Fly: My family is crazy. CRAZY. I can definitely last with my family. I remember my…we used to have roaches and I would see a roach on the wall, and I’d be like, ‘look at that roach!’ My mom would grab it and put it in her hand and continue doing what she doing, like there ain’t nothing going on. I was like, ‘momma!’ And she’d be like, ‘don’t worry about my hand, continue doing your homework!’ She crazy.

David Talbert & Will Packer on the set of 'Almost Christmas'

David Talbert & Will Packer on the set of ‘Almost Christmas’

Romany Malco: It would get really quiet and everybody would kind of just face the wall.

David Talbert: My family is crazy and its always eventful.

Will Packer: Here’s the thing about “Almost Christmas,” NO family is that crazy! So, I actually think I can survive… My family is relatively sane.

“Almost Christmas” opens in theaters nationwide on November 11.