Ice Cube (L) and John Witherspoon in "Friday"

Ice Cube (L) and John Witherspoon in “Friday”

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How fitting that the day after 4/20, news comes from “Friday” co-star John Witherspoon that a fourth sequel in the weed-loving franchise is finally in the works.

Witherspoon was doing a radio interview in Orlando when he revealed he’d just spoken to his on-screen son, Ice Cube, who told him that a new “Friday” movie got the greenlight from studio execs, reports TMZ.

The last sequel, “Friday After Next,” premiered 15 years ago without original co-star Chris Tucker. He was also absent from the preceding film in 2000, “Next Friday.”

No word if Tucker’s Smokey will return for the yet-to-be-officially-confirmed fourth film.

Watch Witherspoon spill the beans below: