*Attorney and Emmy Nominated Producer Antonio Moore discusses the recent statements by Morgan Freeman on race as stated on the Don Lemon Show on CNN.

Freeman alluded to the belief racism doesn’t cause wealth difference. In the video Moore interviews economist and Duke professor Sandy Darity to refute this incorrect belief.

Moore states in his Piece “Decadent Veil: Black Celebrity Wealth Illusion”
Even though their numbers are infinitesimal in comparison to the whole of Black America the 21st century million dollar black celebrity’s image has grown to a point of normalcy in homes across the world. So much so that the lives of those struggling financially in urban centers across America have become overcast by the projection of these larger than life individual brands. The issue is our veiled mask glazed with decadent trim has in many ways hidden the true consequence of our historical scars. Without that veil removed, we project progress that has not yet occurred, and in doing so perpetuate an illusion that may in the end destroy us all.