talks earning respect in Hollywood

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*Tyler Perry is THR’s TV Producer of the Year, and the writer/director opened up to the publication about his un-Hollywood way of operating, the advice that Oprah Winfrey gave him and inclusion in Hollywood.

“I don’t think Hollywood is black or white, I think it’s green,” he said.

Coincidentally, his comments come after Mo’Nique’s brutal remarks towards Perry, Lee Daniels, and Oprah.

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talks earning respect in Hollywood

Perry explains to THR that GREEN is the only color the industry sees and recognizing how the game works is the only way to earn respect and longevity.

“Listen, let me tell you something about what I know about Hollywood. I don’t think it’s black and white, I think it’s green,” Perry tells THR in the May 2017 feature. “It’s just about, Where’s the money? How do we make the money? How do we make the business grow? It’s all about the money. So whatever’s making the money is where the respect is going to be.”

Check out other highlights from Perry’s conversation with THR below:

On Bill Cosby after recent revelations have come to light: “It’s such an awful situation. It’s so sad; you have all of these women saying all of these things. … All I can say about it, it’s heartbreaking at so many levels.”

On taking Oprah’s advice on money to heart: “Some people, they’re in show business, but they’re all about the show and nobody’s paying attention to the business.”

On using writing as therapy: “All of these characters in my head, they allow me to be as crazy as I want to be.”

On his failed career as a used car salesman: “I couldn’t dupe people.”

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