*Video showing a black man slapping a white woman for calling him the N-word has gone viral since its posting to YouTube on May 5.

The nearly minute-long footage begins with the two in the front seats of a passenger vehicle. The man warns the woman not to use the language she had been using earlier when they were apparently seated on a “bus.”

The woman taunts him with the N-word several more times as the man, holding a cell phone to his ear, gets up and tells her repeatedly, “Say it one more time!”

“You’re missing your stop, n**ger!” the woman yells before erupting in a maniacal laugh.

He asks the driver several times to open the door before the bus comes to a stop and the door opens. He yells at the woman again, “Say it one more time! I dare you!”

As the woman is still laughing, the man pops her in the face with his open hand and exits the bus, yelling, “Keep sayin’ that s**t, you f**king b**ch!”

The clip, eventually posted to Facebook, has amassed more than 3 million views and counting.

Watch below: