*A spokesperson for Bill Cosby said the disgraced comedian will hold a series of town halls this summer to educate young people on how to avoid being accused of sexual assault.

A shocked and disgusted Aisha Tyler had this response for Cosby on CBS’ “The Talk,” which she currently co-hosts:

“This guy never ceases to shock and disappoint. I think there’s only one thing you need to know about how to avoid sexual assault; don’t sexually assault anybody! If they can’t give you consent, do not have sex with them. That is how you avoid it.”

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sex accuser

Bill Cosby and his sexual assault accuser Andrea Constand

Here’s what we reported earlier about Bill Cosby’s intent to tour and present town hall’s on how to AVOID being charged for sexual assault ...

*Well look-a-here will ya. The Coz sees an opportunity and is seizing the moment by doing his part to spread the word about how to AVOID being accused of sexual assault.

(You have to admit that at this point, he’s a recognized expert in the matter.)

On Wednesday, Bill Cosby‘s spokespeople, Andrew Wyatt and Ebonee Benson, told “Good Day Alabama” Wednesday that Cosby is planning a series of town halls this summer to educate young people about sexual assault.

They say he’s planning on teaching things like how to look out for warning signs from potential victims and accusations that could follow.

Wyatt says Bill Cosby’s gonna start his new tour of sorts in July, explaining that young people — especially athletes — need to “know what they’re facing when they’re hanging out and partying, when they’re doing certain things they shouldn’t be doing.”

As we reported, Cosby’s trial for sexual assault ended in an a mistrial after the jury deadlocked 10 – 2. He could be tried again.

Watch the announcement below:

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