*A busy auto body shop in Buffalo, NY was shocked into silence on Tuesday when a customer arrived in a silver truck covered in racist graffiti.

“The shop completely came to a halt,” said Michael Nash, describing the reaction of his co-workers at Collision Masters. The truck covered in orange graffiti on all sides. One side said, “f–k u, n–ger,” another said, “go home, n–ger” and another was just the n-word. Only the front of the truck was untouched.

“I guess there are a couple individuals who don’t accept that I live here, so I guess this is a way of showing me I should leave,” truck owner Henry King told WKBW.

“My initial reaction was complete shock,” Michael Nash, the shop’s lead painter, told WGRZ. “I was concerned about the image of Buffalo itself, I don’t think there’s any place for that. My main concern was taking care of the guy, making sure he’s OK.”

“As soon as he pulled it in, literally the shop completely came to a halt,” the owner, Frank Todaro, told WGRZ. “I looked at it and shook my head looked right at him and I says you are not leaving until I get rid of that for you.”

All the employees at the shop dropped what they were doing and “attacked this truck like a pit crew,” according to a Facebook post by the company. It took them only half an hour to remove all the graffiti.

The job would normally have cost King around $700, but Todaro gave it to him for free.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown went to Collision Masters on Thursday and brought them a pizza lunch.

“I thank the men and women at Collision Masters for serving as shining examples of good neighbors,” Brown said in a Facebook post.