*Have you seen these? Probably not. I say so because these types of videos always seem to pop up when you’re looking for something else. These are the kind of gems that can make you love the Internet. Heck, we wouldn’t know about them otherwise. So I’ve picked a few priceless ones for you to see…Just because.

Best UPS Man On the Planet Caught Taking Selfie With Local Dogs

Now ain’t this a kicker! Apparently this UPS guy didn’t get the memo about dogs and mail carriers not getting along. Staci Spear Burns, a woman who resides in Athens, Louisiana, decided to record UPS driver Doniel Kidd as he goofed around taking pictures with her three dogs. In a Huffington Post article Burns is said to have shared shared the video on Facebook, calling Kidd the “best UPS man on the planet.”

How could us animal lovers not agree with that assessment?

Burns said she recorded the selfie because she wanted her  husband to know how “spoilt” their dogs, Reba, Buster and Jade, are.

Adorable, yes?
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