*Awww. Looks like all lil mama needed was a hug from daddy. Yep, that’s all it took. We’re talking about a viral video of a father consoling his crying 2-year-old has caught the attention of the internet.

It seems 2-year-old Tiara Vazquez just couldn’t handle being called “bad” anymore and went into meltdown mode in her father’s car. As you can see, the remedy to stop the stream of tears from flowing was to be wrapped in daddy’s big ol’ arms.

Popiando Vazquez, an Uber driver in Bronx, New York, told FOX 5 he keeps his phone camera rolling when working. On the day his little damsel was in distress, the camera caught the bittersweet moment.

He uploaded the video to his Instagram account @pop_vazquez and in less than a day, it peaked over 1 million views!

The beautiful exchange between father and daughter is so raw and relatable. Because when life gets hard, often times all we need is a loving hug from mom or dad– or both.

Vazquez even offered a life tip to Tiara, saying “Don’t let them see you cry, ok.”

And just like that, the princess adjusted her tiara and went on to live happily ever after.

It’s conclusive proof of the power of hugs.