jay z & beyonce mansion

Vans full of high-tech kit have been seen arriving at the mansion over recent days, suggesting the due day is fast approaching. A neighbor said: ‘Jay Z can be seen going in and out of the property but Beyoncé is lying low’

*There’s something going on at Jay Z and Beyoncé‘s palatial crib that suggest she has either popped out the twins or she is about to.

According to Mail Online, the expecting power couple has decided not have the delivery in a hospital and is instead, turning their Beverly Hills area mansion into a million dollar maternity ward.

The report says medical equipment including incubators and “an entire professional neonatal wing” has been shipped to and installed as they plan the very special home births of the twins.

“It is all about privacy and safety. It’s not usual for someone expecting twins to have them at home, but Beyoncé has discussed it with her doctors, ” a neighbor is quoted as saying.

The neighbor added:

“She’s in prime physical condition and they are setting up a professional maternity unit inside the house for the birth. There will also be an ambulance on standby to take her to Cedars-Sinai Hospital should she or the babies need hospital care. Jay Z can be seen going in and out of the property but Beyoncé is lying low. There are food deliveries and service vans arriving all day.”


Beyonce (Instagram)

Beyonce (Instagram)

If you think about it, having the twins at home (especially if you can afford it) makes a lot of sense– and should help avoid a repeat of the negativity behind Beyoncé’s birth of daughter, Blue Ivy, in New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital in 2012.

Other patients complained to the media about Beyoncé’s large entourage, claiming they had been unnecessarily ‘heavy-handed’ and obstructed visitors.

However the hospital later insisted no formal complaints had been received, and also denied reports the couple had spent $1 million renting out an entire floor.

The source added:

“Beyoncé and Jay Z were upset by that negative publicity at what should have been the happiest time in their lives. They are determined not to repeat that experience, which is why Beyoncé wants to give birth at home this time around. Of course, she has a team of medical staff advising her and, should her doctors say she needs to move to hospital, then that is what will happen.”