blind item

*Fangirls of this popular romantic fantasy franchise love to hate on this headline-making couple. Their dislike of the lead male’s newish leading lady has even branched out to social media, where she’s been caught up in the vileness that they spew about her and her image.

If your weekend is disrupted by the thunderous sound of females cheering, it’s because the fangirls caught wind of this latest Blind Item posted over at Crazy Days and Nights:

The girlfriend of this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who all of you know was stalking one designer after another in France this past week name dropping the boyfriend in hopes of getting discounts. Actually, I think she just liked name dropping him. She got no discounts. They prefer his ex.

Who do you think the players are in the Blind Item?


Foreign-born A-list movie actor:

His ex: