Blind Man Kills Infant Son*A Baltimore man turned himself in to police on Tuesday after he reportedly beat his 5-month-old son to death with his guiding stick.

According to WBAL-TV, 31-year-old Perry Nelson-Johnson initially told police his infant son Emmanuel rolled off of the bed and hit his head. However, investigators discovered that the infant’s injuries had been sustained from trauma over time. An autopsy on the boy also revealed severe head trauma.

Baby Emmanuel appeared to be fine before Johnson and the child’s mother, Angelique Petty, called an ambulance. Shortly after, he fell unconscious and was pronounced dead on June 9 at the hospital.

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arrested for child abuse

Angelique Petty (photo source:

Petty has been arrested on numerous charges of child abuse and conspiracy to commit child abuse because police say she knowingly endangered the infant.

“(The child) was observed to have old and new injuries,” said Baltimore police media relations Chief T.J. Smith. “It’s a sad shame that I have to speak to you about old injuries on a 5-month-old, but old injuries on a 5-month-old basically tell you how long this child had been abused. An autopsy was completed and revealed severe head trauma on the child.”

Nelson-Johnson, who is blind, uses a guiding stick to get around, and he reportedly  fatally hit his infant son with it. He’s being charged with first- and second-degree murder and assault, first-degree child abuse resulting in death, use of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure, and much more, reports.

“We’re deeply frustrated because again, we’re left to pick up the pieces to something like this in a situation. Were there warning signs?” Smith said. “Were there other things there that could have indicated that this child could have been in trouble? That’s stuff that we are following up with right now.”

According to reports, Petty’s charges are:

– first-degree assault

– first-degree child abuse resulting in death

– first-degree child abuse causing severe physical injury

– second-degree child abuse: custodial

– Conspiracy to commit – first-degree child abuse causing severe physical injury

– Conspiracy to commit – first-degree child abuse resulting in death

– Conspiracy to commit – first-degree assault

– Conspiracy to commit – second-degree child abuse: custodial

Check out the video report below: