*Former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden is in a messy situation with the mother of his daughter, and has gone to the Los Angeles police with a slew of emails that he says prove she is threatening his life.

According to TMZ, Darden told LAPD that he believes Celia Smith has been sending him the emails in question, dating back to October 2015.

One from December 2016 reads, “You AIDS having Bitch I promise I’m coming for you and you better not come near my daughter. I will GET YOU BITCH.” Another reads, “My life’s mission is to destroy you bitch and I won’t stop until it happens I promise you.”

Darden got a restraining order against Smith last year, claiming she was unstable, threatening and in need of psychiatric treatment.

According to TMZ, Darden wants cops to trace the emails to find out if Smith is indeed behind the threats.