Brooke Baldwin and Darrold Martin (CNN)

Brooke Baldwin and Darrold Martin (CNN)

*CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin fought back tears Wednesday during an emotional interview with Darrold Martin, the father of Personnel Specialist 1st Class Xavier Martin, who was one of seven U.S. Navy sailors found dead Sunday morning following a collision off the coast of Japan.

Darrold Martin spoke passionately about the bond they shared.

“He’s my son. He’s a hero in my eyes,” he said. “He did all this, and talking to his friends…I’m finding out now that every day there was not a day that I wasn’t mentioned, saying that ‘my dad is my best friend.’ And so many people I’ve talked to over there, I mean, from different walks of life, and all of them have said the same thing: You were his world.”

Baldwin was overcome, and visibly began to fight tears.

“Mr. Martin, you’re choking me up just talking about him being your best friend,” Baldwin said. “Forgive me.”

Martin continued: “There was no place…where I could go that he couldn’t go with me,” he said. He added, “He was my best friend.”

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