*We want to thank Common for saying what needed to said: if you’re an ignorant ass rapper that likes to start a lot a sh*t … especially at the BET Awards, you might as well beam yourself back to the 90s.

He didn’t specifically say those words, but that’s essentially what he meant. A TMZ camera guy caught up with the rapper/actor at LAX on Wednesday (06-28-17) and asked him about the various situations that jumped off at the annual event. He doesn’t blame BET for all the commotion.

Common thinks he’s done, but as the SUV window closes the photog mentions the ’90s, Common processes the question, rolls the window down and makes it clear … the ’90s rap game should be deaded.

*Speaking of beefs and trouble at the BET Awards, Karrueche Tran’s doesn’t want her name mixed up in the mess between Migos and Chris Brown, even though she’s asking for the impossible because it really is all about her.

Karrueche was also spotted at LAX on Wednesday when the TMZ video guy asked about bad boy Brown’s crew and Migos’ posse facing off during a BET Awards after-party.

The whole world knows Chris Brown is super pissed about Quavo of Migos getting what he used to get from his now ex. And that’s despite Migos’ Offset saying the brawl had nothing to do with her.

Watch Karrueche dodge the questions … but it’s her body language that’s doing the talking.

As far as Karrueche and Chris are concerned, as we reported recently, she got a restraing order placed against him. He can’t come within 100 yards of her.