cosby & constand

Bill Cosby and his sexual assault case accuser, Andrea Constand

*Now that the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial is over … at least for now, jurors are starting to speak out about the process and it’s becoming clearer and clearer as to why it ended in the judge declaring a mistrial

On Thursday, two more jurors spoke out and they disputed earlier claims that the majority of the jury wanted to convict the funnyman.

We don’t know who the jurors are because they spoke anonymously to the Associated Press and Pittsburgh TV station WPXI. They ex-jurors said that the 10-2 vote did happen at one point in deliberations but changed as some jurors changed their minds.

One former juror told WPXI that the panel didn’t find accuser Andrea Constand believable when she took the stand to graphically testify that she was drugged and sexually molested by Cosby in 2004.

“Whatever the man did, he’s already paid a price and suffered,” the juror said.


The juror volunteered that the votes were 7-5 or 5-7 for much of the 52 hours of deliberations and described the grueling process as a “true deadlock” — contradicting a report Wednesday night from another anonymous juror that the vote was 10-2 to convict.

The juror also mentioned to WPXI that the 10-2 vote did happen at one point — but several jurors changed their votes before the tally was sent to the judge.

The bottom line concerning the case’s jurors comes via Michael Marchetti, who served as Juror 10. He told the NY Post that he and the rest of the panel were not thrilled that one of the jurors spoke out Wednesday night.

“I think it had been daily expressed well, what the judge said, not to do what we kind of all informally agreed on,” Marchetti said, adding that there was never an “official” pact but that the mutual agreement was not to talk about the case to the media.

Having said that, Marchetti still would not comment on the breakdown of votes.