Nextflix’s FYSEE event for ‘Dear White People’

*During a Netflix Q&A in Los Angeles, ‘Dear White People’ creator Justin Simien shared his reaction to being cyber attacked by the Alt-Right community.

Moderator: When you announced the premiere date for the show, it probably caused a lot of headaches for the Netflix communications team…What happened?

Justin Simien: We put out a date announcement with Sam White sitting at a radio booth saying, ‘dear white people, don’t wear black face!’ I thought it was cool…Cut to the alt-right going crazy! I don’t know if it was a slow news week but David Duke was posting things about us, Sarah Palin and Milo Yiannopoulos. People were up in arms but mined you the movie had already been out for several years, so seeing Sam say something on the radio was not new to the concept. This signaled a couple of things… one, they’ve weapon-zed the internet and they’re very good at making their voices seem a lot louder than they actually are and making you feel like there’s a lot more of them. The fact, that they felt the need to do that to my show told me they were afraid of something. They’re afraid of a Black person or group of Black people saying something that this a bit inconvenient to them. It was an honor at the end of the day.

justin simien - dear white people

Moderator: Do you think there are a lot more stories for these characters?

Justin Simien: I have been doing a deep dive into the alt-right troll community! There is a lot more to say. There are a lot of characters we have met through the eyes of other people, so I’m dying to get to know them through their point of views. We can’t tackle the conversation of race in just 10 episodes.