*Ever heard the term digital native? How about digital immigrant? They are code words that some believe are used by employers to discriminate against hiring older workers.

This year the federal Age Discrimination Employment Act turns 50; and so do many American workers. Those workers are also getting a dose of the biases this “act” was supposed to prevent.

Victoria Lipnic, acting chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,  says at this “milestone of middle age,” the law is grappling with new forms of age discrimination in the Internet era.

The business section of the LA Times claims research by the EEOC, which received 20,857 claims of age discrimination last year, found that 65% of older workers say age is a barrier to getting a job. And because many older people can’t afford to retire, they are staying in the workforce longer, or at least trying to.

I used to be naive, I’ll admit. I was one of those who believed employers welcomed the wisdom and hands-on work experience that an older person brought to the job. Older workers have climbed ladders step by step. Many have graduated with Masters Degrees from the School of Hard Knocks.

But these days that appears to be more of a detriment.

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