*At the inception of our now almost two hundred fifty year old government, the nation’s founding fathers launched a brilliant mechanism to dissuade the lesser angels of our souls from recreating a government they abandoned in England.

They lived under the rule of an imperious king, with virtually no elected officials to question decisions pertinent to laws of the land. Committed to change, the new nation of America designed a Constitution that has endured all the while and has only been amended 27 times.

Commendably, it has survived largely to the alluded system of checks and balances. The three essential elements to our federal powers to be … the executive, congressional and judicial branches … are simply designed to keep each other in check. Not always perfect in performance, but certainly beneficial in practice, it has been a universal benchmark for our progress as a republic … as a nation. That is until the emergence of the current administration …

From my vantage point, it’s not the system that I find fault; it’s the personnel that has usurped it. As a transplanted native New Yorker, the name Donald Trump has, for years, been a vague component of immemorable chit-chat that seldom held my interest.  An urban apartment dweller throughout my east coast residency, real estate never got my full attention. Sure, my Harlem homies all knew of the Queens’ bred, silver-spooned son of a high-rise building magnate “had it made before he even got started.” It came with the territory of the rich and want-to-be famous. Still a guest in the political arena he managed to echo blips on newsroom feeds with the release of his ghost written, “Art of the Deal,” the reality small screen success, “the Apprentice” and hints of self- imposed savvy about how he would run the country. The latter was hardly taken as serious.

Although these could not readily predict his yet-to-be intensified preoccupation with politics, it was his distracted desire that short-circuited his not ready for prime time development.  Promising “the little guy and gal” a shot at the big top, he astonishingly built a support group (along with some very questionable antics and goals) that had him ad lib an acceptance speech on election night this past November.  After only 100 days as the 45th President of the United States, there are now more than 26,000 internationally-acclaimed mental health professionals who unanimously concluded that this virtual Commander-in-Grief was unfit to remain as the leader for the American people. His psychological dossier is cluttered with schizophrenia, xenophobia, paranoia and narcissism … creating a perfect storm for lies, scams and a pathetic detachment from reality.

For weeks after the victory, he still questions the number of attendees at his inauguration. What about misquoting others, explicitly to make his versions more viable … or denouncing any relationship with Russian head honcho, Vladimir Putin, one day and state the opposite less than 24 hours later. He is “just sane” enough to get by … and that alone could lead to the detriment of more than what the worst of our fears can conjure.   His eyebrow-raising stints of unprecedented gaffs, misunderstanding of what he thought he understood and general confinement to a bubble that he was born into will inevitably burst with too few options to replace it.

Of course, there will be those who will challenge my proven references with rebuttals of “give him more time …”, “you are a sore loser because he beat Hillary (which is more questionable now than ever before)”, “this is the change America needed.” Really? When the oath of the President is taken on that 20th day of every fourth January, presumably he/she, the staff, the cabinet, the aides , et. al. are ready to get the ball rolling.   Mr. Trump’s executive beginnings were more reminiscent of a flat tire on a car that seemingly no one knew how to drive. Since the administration’s inception, the road has been rocky and the direction changes as the wind blows. Departments and their directives along with most bosses are still ambiguous; policies are often rescinded without notice; rudiments of our core beliefs have been invalidated …  anger and distrust have replaced diplomacy and compassion, deceit and bluster have all but eradicated integrity and endeavor. Simply, the blind have been misleading the blinded.

Regardless of political affiliation (which a definitive assignment has yet to be embraced by the current White House), there are no acceptable excuses for his repeated, amateurish decisions as the presumed leader of the free world.   Most recent faux pas on the world stage was the arrogant withdrawal and virtual dismissal of the Paris Accords with regards to climate change. Over 190 other countries have signed on; it’s apparent that the rest of the world posses what our President and his petite Pied Piper parade does not … common sense. Substantiated facts have irrefutably proven that without man’s collectively expeditious and practical attention to the environment, our planet is destined to incur cataclysmic penalties.  Now spotlights focus on the Kumbaya pleas that are consistently being offered to Russia, our most formidable advisory, which has been proven to encroach a core component of our government … the unimpeded freedom to vote. With less than 150 days in the highest office of the land, the slope that Mr . Trump has chosen to make America great again begs of a new infrastructure.   This one appears to be circuitous with pot holes, inclement weather; all the while no one appears to have a map.

When these kinds of potentially reckless decisions and non premeditated judgments are made by a person’s knowledge that mirrors a severe shortage of skill sets and unfamiliarity with matters that can dramatically alter our lives as well as our children’s children … someone, some entity has a moral and humane responsibility to thwart those inevitable missteps. Mind you, these issues are not commensurate only to Democrats or Republicans …. Christians or Muslims … Black or White … Healthy or Not-So Healthy. These are concerns that stretch well beyond the Beltway and Main Street. Tax reform, rebuilding systems and facilities, higher education, job opportunities, health care … they will all be on the second rung of priorities if we don’t have a country and leadership capable of engaging them. This country cannot afford to nor should it be told, “It’s too late”.

If there was ever a time when the mindset of the nation’s architects to insure a more perfect union was evident … this is it. And it must scour the dread of those who dismantled its intrinsic tenets. This irascible, compulsive snake oil marketing maven has used more distractions from promised realities than Jackie Robinson stole bases. The difference is what “42” did was legal and daring; what “45” is doing is illegal and dumb. This President’s unforced blunders have gone too far and caused as much disarray and dysfunction.   Like the prophet he professed to be by keeping America first, he should do that by example … leave the White House as impeached or as resigned for the good of the country.   As the Constitution stipulateses, he must be checked, balanced and responsible; it is apparent he can only do one of the three.   Side-eyeing while looking for another excuse has to stop; we have to demand change. Sooner than later.

The country and the world are watching and waiting; neither can do so much longer.  Patience has become impatient.

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Chris Jones, a native New Yorker residing in Los Angeles has written consistently about his observations of ethics and culture in the urban community. A political science enthusiast and staunch supporter of voter registration, his professional background includes senior level appointments for promotion and marketing responsibilities at Island, Motown and Warner Bros record companies, respectively. Response to his commentary can be forwarded to: [email protected].