Michelle Hord-White and her little girl, Gabriele

*My god. Why is it the children who always have to suffer the most?  Neil White, the estranged husband of NBC Universal VP, Michelle Hord-White, has been arrested for the alleged murder of the couple’s seven-year-old daughter, Gabrielle.

The child’s body was discovered by her nanny, Tonelle, who was looking for her when her father claimed she was asleep in her bedroom. Suspicious when she saw blood on White’s arms, the nanny rushed to the child’s room in the family’s home at 3 Arbor Glen in the New York city of New Rochelle where she lay dead.

Cops responded to the babysitter’s call around 3:20 pm. According to the Journal News, the little girl was in second grade at William B. Ward Elementary School.

Reports say the child is believed to have been suffocated..

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