*Pixar strikes gold again with the creation of “Cars 3.” The film does a remarkable job of telling a compelling story all while touching on issues that are timely in America today.

EURweb associate Kiki Ayers caught up with the everyone involved in the 6 year project over the weekend. The company held a press conference that was immediately followed by the red carpet movie premiere. The conference included Owen Wilson, Kerry Washington, Cristela Alonzo, Nathan Fillion, Larry The Cable Guy, Isaiah Whitlock Jr. and Director Brian Fee.

“I’m happy to be a part of a film that everyone can relate to. People can watch the movie and see themselves in it,” said Alonzo.

Washington brought her gladiator charm to the conference and shared with us am important perspective on the the film that was being missed. She explained that she was excited to work on this project. This is her animated debut, but more importantly she    loved the message that the film focuses on which is the fact that everyone can succeed when they work together.

“There’s room for the boy and the girl. There’s room for the old and the young and there’s room for the mentor and the mentee,” she said.

Disney stars Isaac Ryan Brown and Nathaniel J. Potvin caught up with us on the red carpet to express their love for the movie.

“I’ve been a Cars fan since 2006 when Cars 1 came out,” said Brown.

Potvin who just wrapped a season of the Disney show Mech-X4 explained that he loves the movie but he also heard the after party would be equally as great.

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk also hit the red carpet with his kids who are huge fans of the movie. He also spoke on one of the messages in this movie which was how to know when to move on in your career.

“I moved on in a lot of different ways and I found a way to stay relevant,” he said. “I stopped competing and I’m not trying to live that life or get that sort of fame anymore.”

Cars 3 will be in theaters everywhere this Friday, June 16.