*Ashanti had no problem stopping her performance cold and using colorful language to express her frustration at a gig in San Luis Obispo, Calif. on Thursday when something went wrong with her video screen.

According to TMZ, the singer kicked off the R&B Jam Series at the Alex Madonna Expo Center and was mid-performance of “Baby” when she suddenly stopped the show and ordered the video board turned off.

“What the f*** they doing back there?” she said into the mic.

“See what I feel like is, everybody in here paid their hard earned money to get in this mother f**ker tonight, so we are here to put on a mother f**ing good show.”

Ashanti’s rep later told TMZ that a technical issue with the screen caused interference in her earbuds and was throwing off her choreography.

Ashanti herself called into TMZ Live Monday afternoon and said the technical issue was eventually fixed and she continued the show.

As for her profanity, she laughed and told TMZ: “I don’t really talk like that unless I get pushed to that level!”