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kenya moore & new husband (marc)

Now, Kenya Moore’s husband (Marc) is starting to come into view

*From the very beginning of this whole marriage episode in Kenya Moore‘s life, we knew it was going to be played out from a marketing and branding perspective. Not just two people who fell in love and got married and lived private lives. Nope, this is a made for TV marriage. Everything is staged. Hopefully it will work.

This is Kenya’s world and we’re the audience so kick back and enjoy the ride. In today’s edition, Madame Moore took to Instagram to share another photo from her secret wedding — and now we find out the mystery husband’s name!

She captioned a photo of both of them at the altar with the following:

Marc, you are the best man I have ever known. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.
My #rideordie #bonnieandclyde

Wait a minute! Are they fist-bumpin’ in the pic? Then it must be love. 🙂

Marc, you are the best man I have ever known. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. My #rideordie #bonnieandclyde

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Here’s what some people are saying about Kenya’s marriage:

Mixed feelings, While Im glad she found someone, it does seem like she rushed into it to prove something to the world or whoever she’s trying to impress that someone will marry her. The only thing that should matter is that its a healthy loving relationship that will last. He better not a gold digging jerk like Apollo or she’s going to look really foolish. Then I’m going to crunge and get pissed again like I felt watching Apollo mistreat Phaedra. OMG, Bravo please dont put him on until they’ve been together for a year. If he’s no good I dont wanna see his ass! Good luck Kenya I truly hope he’s one of the good guys. You deserve happiness like anyone else

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    I’m sorry, but I don’t think this will last. She seriously needs psychiatric assistance, and until she sits on someone’s couch and/or pop a pill for her neurosis, this won’t work. She spend so many years being mean, hateful, looking for a husband, sperm donor, etc., and sadly she left out getting help for HERSELF. There’s somebody for everybody, but this guy doesn’t look like the type who will deal with her antics for too long. IJS…

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    I feel happy for her, while her haters are probably Porsha with multiple accounts.

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    I’m happy for you Kenya. Let the Bees buzz in their own misery. I can’t believe how miserable and evil People can be about someone else life. if you don’t live it according to the way they think you life should be lived. GTFOHWTBS. Kenya is a grown ASS Woman and has the same rights as all Americans. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and should not need anyone’s approval. What a miserable set of Human beings to wish Bad Luck on another Human just because you don’t like them. Funny, when I don’t like Somebody, I just don’t be bother with them and their Life. I continue to Live Mine as I see fit and Fuck The Haterz! #CongratulationsKenyaAndMarc #CHEERS

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    The haters are seething…lol!

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    GTFO….Episode 9 was NOT filmed 1.5 years ago. Season 9 started filming in June, 2016, into early fall. So, when Kenya phucked Matt in the truck she was also “supposedly” with her new “husband”. She was also on WWHL in January, 2017, where she tells Andy that she and Matt were working on their relationship, which was exaclty 5 months ago…5 months before she got “married” to a man she said she was with for a year!!! She is either a cheat or a liar or BOTH!! Try to give fake news all you want, and believe it if you want in your alternate universe where fake news givers and Dust Mop live, but those of us who live on planet earth, know the truth…all documented for posterity!! She was with the new “husband” for a year….her words, so that is one year from NOW, when she was still with Matt and filming with him and even meeting his parents…the LIES….the LIES!!!!

  • You might want to bring this “on point,” comment over to the new thread. Hot Damn!

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    It won’t last. I personally she got with this man JUST to spite Matt because he kept rubbing it in her face how she couldn’t get or keep a man, and if she was all that, why was she with him. His words exactly. Kenya is nuts!! LOL LOL LOL! Like I said above, until she gets medical help, her life will always be in shambles.

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