Kala Brown being rescued from shipping container by police in South Carolina.

*Kala Brown and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, had been missing for three months before investigators burst into a a large metal shipping container and found her sitting on the floor with a chain around her neck and legs shackled.

It had took ten minutes of sawing and prying for authorities to open the container after hearing knocking and screaming sounds. Fliers had been up for months asking for the wherabouts of Kara and Charlie and subsequently, investigator went to a rural rural Spartanburg County property on November 3, to look for them. Because of recently released videos, a horrific scene has unraveled showing the monstrous work of a serial killer who had been holding Brown as a sex slave.

Once the container was opened, police entered with their hands on their guns, ready for just about anything. That’s where the chilling scene was witnessed.

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright told reporters, upon finding Brown, “It was pretty emotional, to say the least.“When she was found, she was chained like a dog — she had a chain around her neck. It’s only by God’s grace we found that little girl alive.”

In a chilling video showing the rescue, Brown, 30, would begin talking immediately and reveal that a man named Todd Kohlhepp had not only shot and killed her boyfriend Charlie, 32, and many others.

As it turns out Kohlhepp is a serial killer that had been on the loose for 13 years in a series of unsolved murders.

“Did I just step into Hollywood on a movie set?” one of the investigators speaking to CBS said about their shock aof their discovery on Kohlhepp’s 100-acre property where Brown had been held and the others killed.

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