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*As we reported earlier, JAY-Z‘s new project, 4:44 is out and on the song “Kill Jay-Z,” the rapper and Beyoncé‘s husband admits he cheated on her while advising others to “never go Eric Benét.”

“You almost went Eric Benét / Let the baddest girl in the world get away / I don’t even know what else to say / Nigga, never go Eric Benét”

Well, guess what? Eric Benét has responded to JAY-Z , saying that he can’t be defined by his past and that he has the ‘baddest girl in the game’ right now … who just happens to be his wife.

Remember, Eric Benét was once married to Halle Berry and admitted to cheating on her and that he was a sex addict. But that was then. These days Benét says he a new man.


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Well, you can’t accuse JAY-Z of putting everybody else’s business on front street on his new 4:44 album and not his own. As we said above, he not only reminded folks of Eric Benét past, but he also confessed to cheating on Bey.

It’s obvious, Jigga is pulling from reality to craft his stories and rhymes. Another hard core example would be the track “Smile,” where he straight calls out his own mother, Gloria Carter, as a lesbian.

The rhyme goes …

Mama had four kids, but she’s a lesbian. Had to pretend so long that she’s a thespian

Had to hide in the closet, so she medicate. Society shame and the pain was too much to take

He continues …

Cried tears of joy when you fell in love. Don’t matter to me if it’s a him or her

I just wanna see you smile through all the hate. Marie Antoinette, baby, let ’em eat cake.

On his new album, #JayZ just said his mother is a lesbian and he is happy for her. #444 #GloriaCarter #Smile

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