Charles Bobbit (photo by Victoria Chavez – licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license)

*On Friday (06-09-17) we posted news of the death of Charles Bobbit who served as manager for the legendary James Brown. He was also involved with Michael Jackson‘s career for a brief while. Below is a note of remembrance from the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

“Charles Bobbit, a friend beloved. He served our community well.  He was trusted by James Brown and an ally to all of us in the civil rights struggle.  Charles was James Brown’s confidant, his pillar in the most troubling times of the Godfather’s life and career.  Charles was always there to help me.  He was always there when needed.  His time was well spent.  I miss him already so very much.”

jesse jackson condolences to Charles Bobbit

According to Bobbit’s daughter, Yassiem Crawford, services were held for him today (06-12-17) in Conyers, Georgia. She told us her father was laid to rest along with his wife, Ruth and his son, Charles Jr.

Here’s what we reported earlier …

*Via our Bay Area buddy, super photog George Livingston, we’ve just received word that Charles Bobbit, who served as James Brown‘s manager, has died. He was 87.

james brown & charles bobbit

We don’t have the full details and or cause of death, but we understand he passed away in a convalescent home in the Atlanta area on June 8.

See George’s post below.

News from Atlanta. Ga—Charles Bobbit an Entertainment Manager for James Brown, a representative to President Omar Bongo of Africa, an associate to Michael Jackson & last worked with Rev. Al Sharpton … has passed.

I had the opportunity to be an associate and photographer of Mr. Bobbit several times.

nelson mandela charles bobbit bob jones mijac & james brown

In the photograph (above) with Michael Jackson next to Nelson Mandela is Charles Bobbit (to Bobbit’s left is the late Motown and Michael Jackson publicist Bob Jones).

I remember the good times we shared—–Bless you Mr. Bobbit–R I P.