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*Former stripper turned reality TV star Joseline Hernandez has decided to kick “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” to the curb, and her decision to leave the show was triggered by Wendy Williams and the reunion drama.

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports new details surrounding Hernandez’s departure from the hit reality series.

In case you missed it, Joseline announced that she was leaving the show and threatened to “expose” the franchise’s executive producer, Mona Scott-Young.

Sources tell theJasmineBRAND.com that filming with Joseline was a “nightmare.”

“It’s usually a challenge to work with Joseline and it’s getting worse and worse. She was a headache for producers all season long and the drama that she had with Stevie J made it worse. It was more unbearable than usual for everyone that worked with her.”

The source adds, “The show created this monster and at this point, she’s more of a liability than an asset to the show.”

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dismisses lawsuit

So what actually went down at the reunion?

Joseline allegedly came to the taping already pissed at production because of an incident involving herself, her baby daddy, Stevie J, and Wendy Williams.

A separate source says that a few weeks ago, Hernandez was scheduled to appear on the Wendy Williams Show with Stevie J. Joseline had set up the appearance herself, without VH1/production.

When Stevie decided not to do Wendy with Joseline, Wendy’s team canceled Joseline’s appearance because they weren’t interested in only her.

Joseline demanded that producers FORCE Stevie J to appear on the show with her. According to the source, “Producers weren’t going to make Stevie do Wendy because it wasn’t something that they arranged and it wasn’t something that he was required to do.”

Allegedly, Joseline became pissed that the producers didn’t have her back, and she was still on one when she turned up to tape the reunion.

She reportedly only wanted to be filmed in her dressing room and not on stage with the rest of the cast. She also kept trying to dictate how she would participate. Joseline stressed to the producers that if they didn’t meet her demands she would quit.

Naturally, production and the network refused to give in to her disrespectful behavior. They called her bluff and let her quit.

Now, Joseline is implying that she quit over a paycheck because she wants fans to sympathize with her.

Meanwhile, the source continues: “Dont’ get me wrong, Joseline brings a lot to the show, but she didn’t make the show and there are way more people that want an opportunity without tormenting production in the process. She’ll find that out.”