Kodak Black

Kodak Black

*Florida rapper Kodak Black was shredded on Twitter last weekend when he took to his Instagram Live and said he doesn’t like black girls.

After outrage saturated his mentions, the 20-year-old clarified that he likes black girls…but not dark-skinned black girls.

When more condemnation ensued, the artist deleted his social media…but continued to double down on his preference in an interview with Vlad TV. This time, Kodak said that he prefers light-skinned women because they’re more sensitive and easier to control.

“We can break ’em down more easy, you know what I’m saying?” he said of light-skinned women.

Watch below:

Needless to say, his words caught the attention of Charlamagne Tha God, who promptly made Kodak Black his Donkey of the Day on New York’s Power 105.1FM.

“If it’s one entity you don’t want no drama with in this era, it’s black women,” Charlamagne said. “You don’t want those problems. You don’t know what true slander is on social media until you piss off a group like black women and they swarm like Wu-Tang killer bees on your black ass.”

Charlamagne specifically called out Kodak’s deletion of his charred and smoldering Twitter account when things got too hot.

Charlamagne, an admitted fan of Kodak, continued “You can be an honest and wrong, but what I don’t respect is when people run. Kodak, you ran. Get on social media and take this L from black women. I didn’t delete my account when I pissed black women off, French Montana didn’t delete his account when he pissed black women off so you can’t delete yours either.”