lol kim

*Because of a move by somebody from her team, allegedly, lil Kim finds herself being wanted for questioning by the LAPD.

The rapper, 42, is said to be a person of interest connected to a robbery over the weekend. Here’s the deal. She supposedly rented a property to throw a BET Awards event, but after checking it out early Sunday morning, she decided it wasn’t right and asked for her money back.

The story goes that the person in charge wouldn’t give Kim and her people their money back and of course an argument broke out and the cops were called. After the police arrived, they told the group that it was a civil matter and couldn’t help so left, as did Kim and her entourage.

However … according to reports, around 4am, a group of armed people arrived to the property wearing ski masks, taking Kim’s deposit check and cash, totaling at least $20,000. Law enforcement authorities are saying that the robbers also slashed tires and stole a hubcap before they left.

The LAPD has launched a robbery investigation. So far as of this posting, it’s been radio silence from Lil Kim


In other Lil Kim news, along with Havoc, she will reportedly honor the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep. at the BET Awards, with personal statements during the show, which airs Sunday night (06-25-17).

As we reported, Prodigy, 42, died earlier this week following a battle with sickle cell disease, which he had dealt with since birth.

According to TMZ, execs involved with the BET Awards scrambled to put together a tribute performance after Prodigy’s death on Tuesday, but it was too late. Artitsts had already signed contracts to perform at the awards, and BET didn’t want to burn bridges by changing their sets, which have been planned for weeks.

Lil Kim worked with Mobb Deep on their remix for 1999’s “Quiet Storm,” which was released as a single from the duo’s Murda Muzik album.