*Fiery bombshell Tommie Lee is known for being at the center of drama and chaos as a member of the hit reality show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

However, as Season 6 comes to an end the star sat down with EURweb associate Ivan Thomas to share some of her experiences in the limelight and a side of her many do not get to see on-screen.

She talked about growing up in Newark, NJ and the wisdom she gathered from the streets.

She also talked about beef with co-stars like Karlie Redd and former friend Karen King and how she finds herself in contentious situations.

“I just feel like I’m an easy target because I got a temper and people know that,” she said. “They know my weakness, and watching me you can see I’m an open book. You’re gonna know what ticks me off and what to do.”


tommie lee - screenshot

Tommie and King (also known as “KK”) recently got into a vitriolic exchange on social media as Tommie believes she is trying to promote a false narrative about her.

“You drink with me, you smoke, you’re no different. Stop getting on this camera and making me out to be something that you know I’m not.”

As far as what she has learned from her time in the industry, Tommie said it has become clear to her that not everyone has her best interest at heart. She has been through a lot in her life, from run-ins with the law, issues with her mother and battles with cast members. However, while she is not proud of it all, she said it helps her to appreciate the positive things in life.

“How would you ever experience the good days if it wasn’t for the bad and the drama sh*t? You would never know what relaxation feels like if it wasn’t for pressure. Every day is a learning process and I am forever a student,” she said.

Moving ahead, Tommie is focused on getting away from the negativity and focusing on elevating her life. Turning her passion into paychecks, she has ventured into the wine business with her own brand LeDon. She is also working on some music with a new EP on the way, and taking acting classes. Finally, she wants to encourage young girls to value themselves, listen to their parents and surround themselves with positive people.

“If you are in a good home, you got your parents you got anybody out there [looking out for you], listen to them, because I didn’t listen. It cost me sh*t that I ain’t never gonna get back.”

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