samuel dubose & ray tensing

Samuel Dubose and Raymond Tensing, the former cop who shot and killed him

*NEW YORK, NY – Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, issued the following statement in response to the judge declaring a mistrial in the case of former University of Cincinnati police Officer Raymond M. Tensing, who shot and killed unarmed Black motorist Samuel DuBose.

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color Of Change:

“Samuel DuBose was unarmed. As video evidence has clearly shown in direct contradiction of the officer’s initial account, he was not aggressive or threatening. That’s why Hamilton County prosecutor Joseph T. Deters called this ‘a senseless, asinine shooting’ when he first decided to try this case.

“But despite this, a jury has–for second time–failed to convict Officer Tensing in what is a clear-cut case of unnecessary, fatal police violence. And for the third time in the last two weeks, a jury has given a free pass to an officer who treat driving while Black as a capital offense.

“Clearly, our criminal justice system is not working for Black people when victims of police violence are effectively put on trial to prove their innocence, rather than their killers. While we commend Prosecutor Deters for pursuing this case over two trial, we now demand an even more vigorous prosecution of what should be a locked-and-shut case. Prosecutor Deters must send a clear message that a right wing, racist agenda has no place in the courtroom.

“After a series of mistrials and acquittals in cases of police violence in the past few weeks, it is clear that our communities cannot rest. We will not only continue to mobilize, raise our voices, and build an independent Black political power to hold elected officials accountable, but also work to change the damaging perceptions of Black people that yield these verdicts. The way forward will be not just through the ballot box, but through the hearts and minds of all Americans.”





Mark Ro Beyersdorf
[email protected]