Brody Jenner in BET's "Tales"

Brody Jenner in BET’s “Tales”

*Brody Jenner fans may still be traumatized by the site of him hanging from a tree at the end of Irv Gotti’s new BET series “Tales” on Tuesday.

And that was the whole point, according to Gotti.

His anthology series resets each week to dramatize the lyrics to hip hop’s most iconic songs. The premiere focused on the police brutality theme of NWA’s “F*** the Police,” but depicted white people as America’s disenfranchised minorities being terrorized and shot by racist black cops.

The story centered around a fictional character named Brody, who witnessed the fatal shooting of an unarmed white teen and grapples with a desire to testify against the two black cops who pulled the trigger.

Without giving anything else away, the closing scene featured real life Kardashian step-brother Brody Jenner being lynched. Jenner made headlines in September for his All Lives Matter’ish comments regarding Keith Lamont Scott, the 43-year-old black man fatally shot in Charlotte, N.C. by a black police officer after he allegedly refused to comply with officers’ orders to exit his vehicle.

At the time, Brody said on social media: “If you have an officer of the law telling you to exit your vehicle (or do anything for that matter)…you comply. And not only do you comply, but you do so willingly and follow directions completely.”

He continued, “If I, as a white male, did those things, I’d expect that I’d be putting myself in danger of being shot because I’d be making myself a perceived threat. This world is getting out of hand with the race issue. Maybe I say that because I’m not racist. I see humans as equals. You shoot me, or you shoot an African American, we are both humans with the same beating heart. Why is everything these days about race? Why?”

Brody’s lynching at the end of the “Tales” premiere was punctuated by D’Angelo’s song “How Does It Feel” playing over the imagery.

Gotti explained in a tweet: “The message I was trying to get across. Which by the way. Is a message that what’s wrong is wrong.” He added, “So maybe seeing it done to White People. In this FICTIONALIZE piece. And seeing these things done to them. Maybe people will have a lil more compassion when 12 year old Tamir Rice gets gunned down. Or Philando Castillo gets killed for nothing.”

Gotti thanked Brody for being “totally down” to play the part.

Watch below: