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*The situation between Serena and Venus Williams’ daddy Richard Williams and his estranged younger wife is getting very interesting to say the least.

If you recall, just yesterday (06-15-1) we reported that, after 7 years of marriage, Mr. Williams filed for divorce from Lakeisha Juanita Williams, saying that she was stealing his social security checks.

Well today comes word that Lakeisha has filed explosive new court docs in her divorce from Richard Williams claiming he’s been acting “erratic and hostile” and she’s fearful of him.

Richard Williams initially filed for divorce last month accusing Lakeisha of being an alcoholic and stealing money, which she adamantly denies in

Now, Lakeisha, 38, is claiming that she’s been raising their 5-year-old child on her own because Richard, 75, refuses to get involved. She says school officials, teachers and doctors will corroborate her claims.

Lakeisha also says he’s afraid Richard Williams will go all “scorched Earth” on her to retaliate for airing their issues in court. She claims he will essentially cut her off financially.

As for the guns which include an AK-47, Lakeisha says they have been “safeguarded” and are available at the court’s request.

We could be wrong, but it sounds like these two should NOT be married to each other for a whole lot of obvious reasons.


richard williams & baby & wife

Richard Williams, baby Dylan & wife Lakeisha

Earlier we reported …

*Richard Williams, the father of tennis champs Serena and Venus Williams, has filed for divorce after leveling some serious claims against from his young wife.

According to the Miami Herald, the 75-year-old former tennis coach says Lakeisha Williams, 38, is stealing his Social Security check, drinking herself under the table and forging his signature on official papers.

Williams married the Miami-born registered nurse’s aide in 2010, and they had a son two years later.

He also claims that Lakeisha deeded one of his houses to herself by faking his handwriting on the paperwork and switched ownership of several cars. Richard also alleges she forged his signature on an application for a $152,000 mortgage she eventually obtained.

Sandy Becher, who represents Lakeisha, called Richard’s petition “outrageous.”

“’We categorically deny each and all the allegations he has made in the petition,” Becher told the Miami Herald. “When the issues come before the court, they’ll be proven to be patently false.”

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