big spence - the american dream screening

Big Spence along with family, friends and cast members at premiere of ‘The American Dream’

*Hollywood, CA –  Hollywood and Highland was lined with celebrities on Saturday afternoon, as Marcus D. Spencer a/k/a Big Spence was in town premiering his film “The American Dream.”

The film has had pop up screenings all over the U.S.  Big Spence, who played one of the lead males (Marvin) in the film was the man of the hour.

Spencer answered many audience questions after the screening. Accompanying Mr. Spencer was his eldest daughter Mariah J. Spencer, who played Spencer’s on-screen daughter.

Also in attendance were many of the cast members including comedian Hannibal Thompson who plays D.J., Gian Shaw who plays Keith. Yeena Fisher, Ahku and Mahal Montoya were also there from the cast along with director Robert Wakamatsu.

Many celebrities from music artists to Emmy winning talent showed up to show support for Mr. Spencer’s film including actors Bill Duke and Ricco Ross. The Red Carpet was headed by LC 1 Publicity and among the media doing interviews was Shannon Fox and Foxy TV.

Spencer wrote and produced “The American Dream” and hired Robert Wakamatsu to direct.  Spencer developed a great team and helped put together a wonderful cast for this film.  The film did not disappoint a completely engaged audience.

DJ (Thompson) and Keith (Shaw) are two football standouts headed to college as a duo dominance. The only problem is within the few months between the end of high school and the beginning of college they decide they need money and DJ’s uncle Marvin (Spencer) fills that void.

Jake Malone (Ahku); Marvin’s boss, doesn’t like the fact that the two young employees are working without being approved by him. Everyone has a dream, some fulfill their dreams while others work so others fulfill theirs. Check the trailer here

The American Dream” touches on topics such as family, choices, football, commitment and more.  Spencer is known for inserting messages into his films that audience members can find useful and carry over into their own lives where applicable.

“The American Dream” will be released on DVD world-wide on August 1, 2017 via all major retailers.





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