blind item

*A Reddit user who claims to be a celebrity posted a startling confession about her life and the state of her high-profile marriage.

In a post titled “I am an A-List celebrity who hates it. The only reason I haven’t killed myself is my kids,” user iamsosickofitall writes:

I wish I never had kids. I love them, they are the best things that ever happened to me, but I wish I never had them. They’ll have to grow up in “the life” and I fear they’ll never lead normal lives. You know how there are celebrities everyone loves? Well I am a celebrity people generally hate.

I’ve never done anything bad or illegal, I work hard for my kids and lead a clean life. My husband is also an A-lister and we never get to see one another. Everything I say is quoted in the media. I can’t eat in public without a million paparazzi in my face. I cant sleep at night.

I have an anonymous facebook account and I follow posts on entertainment websites about myself, reading the hate comments and going into a depression. I don’t know why I do it, I wish I didn’t, it just feels like the world is against me. I’ve been called fat, I’ve been called dumb, I’ve seen comments with people saying they wish I killed myself. I have never done anything to harm anyone. I just want to fucking die, I fantasise about killing myself every day, and would have if it weren’t for my kids.

Everyone thinks I am bubbly and free, I just wish I could stay in a dark room all day and sleep. I feel constantly strained and close to tears. My family and friends are all either famous or living in inaccessible locations. Everywhere I go I am followed by people screaming at me, paparazzi are scum suckers, they are the worst people in the world. It might seem like I am being harsh, but when you are tired or scared and you have a thousand cameras in your face and people demanding that you look at them and answer their questions, it hurts.

I went through a really hard time a while back and was fucking scared for my life, people said I was attention seeking. Other celebrities I have met are the same, nobody in this industry is truly happy. I just want to fucking DIE I am going to breakdown any day now. I follow stories. People laughed at Britney Spears, but that shit happens for real in real life. Robin Williams killed himself, he must have been tortured. It’s a shitty life, guys.


The poster later reveals that her friends and family are all in the U.S. and that she could never ask her husband to leave the country.

I live in the US. I was stupid and part of my public life involves my private life, that’s dumb, I know. I can’t move because my husband is based here, I guess we need to talk as well. My entire support system (family) are here and my husband is extremely successful and I could never ask him to move from the US.

If this is true, who do you think this Blind Item confession comes from?