Chance the Rapper performs in NPR's Tiny Desk Series

Chance the Rapper performs in NPR’s Tiny Desk Series

*Chance the Rapper gave NPR staffers a shock last month when he showed up and performed in their Tiny Desk Concert series, where critically-acclaimed artists play atop a tiny desk in a cramped office.

Today, footage from his entire performance hit the web.

“I didn’t know it was actually, actually in an office,” the Chicago native said before starting his set with “Juke Jam,” from his 2016 album “Coloring Book.”

Flanked by his band and back-up singers, Chano delivered a 12-minute set that included Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t Go When I Go,” from the legend’s 1974 album “Fullingness’ First Finale,” and recited a new poem titled, “The Other Side.”

Watch Chance’s Tiny Desk Concert performance below: