*Here’s a story that’s got the attention of a lot of folks and rightfully so.

In Florida, a young man who is autistic and dresses as Superman and waves at people passing by, was attacked by some nit wit who says he wanted to fight the super hero.

The victim, 19-yar-old Rae Pitt is not only autistic, but deaf as well. He got his moniker “Minneola Superhero” by donning a Superman suit daily, according to Lake County Sheriff’s department.

The a-hole who attacked Pitt is Tyler McCorvey, 26. He was busted shortly after he attacked Pitt, according to NBC affiliate WESH 2.

McCorvey told officers he had gone to the area to challenge Superman to a fight. He denied hurting the victim.

Well that’s not what the victim (Pitt) is saying. He told investigators he was punched in the chest and his head smashed against a vehicle.

Pitt says told authorities a good Samaritan stepped and stopped the beating.

rae pitt (superman) & Tyler McCorvey

Rae Pitt and Tyler McCorvey

According to a report from ABC-affiliate WFTV and eyewitness named Terra Brady said McCorvey approached Pitt and pretended to be deaf. He also pretended to rip off Pitts’ cape.

McCorvey was arrested while running down the street with a garbage can on his head, Brady told WFTV.

He was charged with two counts of battery and aggravated abuse of a disabled adult.

The “Minneola superhero” returned to his perch Friday to wave and smile at motorists and pedestrians.

Residents say Pitt waves and smiles at passersby without bothering anyone. He’s a friendly presence in the area, people say.

Residents report that Pitt is friendly and doesn’t bother community members, according to WFTV.

“He keeps to himself, he waves and smiles,” Ashley Payne said.