‘Girls Trip’ Tiffany Haddish on Ultimate Ex Revenge: ‘I have pooped in some Jordan’s’

On CBS’ “The Talk,” “Girls Trip” star Tiffany Haddish shares the ultimate revenge she pulled on a boyfriend who wronged her.

“Girl, I have pooped in some Jordan’s. I defecated in the shoes. He hurt me. He pooped on my soul,” recalls Haddish. “He didn’t have a car where I could slash tires or bust windows out the car. He was stronger than me…but his mama just bought him some Jordan’s.” Haddish laughs and to make matters worse, “I asked him if he wanted to go play some basketball and I said; ‘You should put on them new Jordan’s…and he did!’ Girl, I’m good at revenge.”


From “Girls Trip,” actress Tiffany Haddish discusses the outrageous ‘sex talk’ her mom gave her when she was 8-years-old, while watching a soap opera sex scene. Haddish explains:

“I said, ‘Mama what they doing?’ and she said, ‘That’s what you do to make babies,’ so I said, ‘Aw I’m gonna do that one day.’ She said, ‘No you not, you gonna wait until you get your vaccination…Look, men have enzymes in their mouth and if you kiss them, they get inside and they’ll eat your face up and you’ll die in twenty-four hours… You have to wait until you get your vaccination, when you turn 21.’ When Haddish went to school the next day and saw her friend Amber kissing a boy, she adds, “I started crying, I was like ‘Oh no! Amber gon’ die!,’ and I went home and I said to my mom, ‘Amber was kissing a boy, she gonna die’ and she was like, ‘Girl, see, she gonna be just fine because her family knew she was gonna be a hoe, they got the vaccine for her early.’”


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