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*Attorneys seeking $100 million in damages from Michael Jackson’s estate are on an international manhunt for Jordan Chandler, the boy who accused the King of Pop of molesting him in 1993.

According to multiple sources, investigators have turned to the UK to track down Chandler, who in 1993 received a $20 million payoff after his father brought a suit alleging that his son, then 13, had been molested by Jackson at Neverland Ranch.

Lawyers for Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, who now claim they were sexually abused by the singer when they were children, believe Chandler has left the U.S. to avoid them, per

“Wade and Jimmy want to look Jordie in the eye and talk to him about what they suffered,” said a source close to the situation. “They feel that they may appeal to him to finally tell his story.”

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michael jackson & jordan chandler

Chandler has never spoken about his experience with Jackson but Robson and Safechuck believe that if they can find him they can convince him to speak out.

Attorney Vince Finaldi, who represents both Robson and Safechuck, said that Chandler’s story could help prove Jackson was a child molestor.

“He’s a key piece of the puzzle surrounding this case, and we’re not going to stop until we find him,” said Finaldi.

Robson came forward in 2013 claiming he was sexually abused dozens of times by Jackson. Critics wonder why it has taken him and Safechuck so long to come forward with their claims. Robson especially is under a lot of scrutiny since he testified on Jackson’s behalf during the 2005 molestation trial that brought forth by another accuser, Gavin Arvizo.

“Mr. Robson was one of my strongest witnesses in Michael Jackson’s criminal trial,” lawyer Tom Mesereau said in 2013. “I called him to the stand at the beginning of the defense case and he was adamant that he had never been improperly touched or molested. This makes no sense.”

A March 2018 trial date for the case has been set.