*LeBron James is being accused by his mother’s husband of breaking up their marriage — and he took to social media to tell the world about it.

An aspiring rapper who goes by the name of Da Real Lambo claims the Cavs star is responsible for causing problems in his marriage to Gloria James. In the clip above, he doesn’t call out LeBron directly, but says, “I love my wife….I’m not perfect, so mothersf*ckers need to stop acting like they perfect before I go to exposing motherf*ckers.”

Peep his pop-off via the clip above.

As thejasminebrand notes, LeBron and his mother’s man have had a tumultuous relationship for years. In addition to putting the NBA star on blast about Gloria, Lambo also posted an article of himself and his wife along with LeBron, writing:

#godspeed U!! Know the truth why we broke up! So should I tell the world the truth!!! ,U SAW ME TREAT YOUR MOM LIKE A QUEEN, AND I SAW U TREAT YOUR WIFE LIKE A!!! ?,DONT TRY AND MAKE THE WORLD THINK THAT LAMBO F*CKED UP!! LET THE WORLD KNOW WHATS THE REAL F*CKED UP PROBLEM IN THE FAMILY. @kingjames respect is due to a dog and you gonna respect LAMBO!!!!! Cause I always respected u!! . And since u love social media and couldn’t talk to me like a Man!!!U!!!!!!! Made me go to social media.

Some social media users reacted to the news by suggesting that Gloria chose her son’s conditional financial support over love and marriage.

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mike conley & wife

The users behind Twitter account Turf Talk Boys were able to elicit a response from NBA star Mike Conley when they questioned why his son doesn’t resemble him.

The Grizzlies star is married to a non-melanated woman so the bewilderment of Turf Talk Boys over the complexion of Conley’s kid clearly indicates that they skipped the lesson about genetics in high school.

NBA player's son

Last year, Conley signed what at the time was the most lucrative contract in NBA history, worth $153 million, per NY Post. He and wife Mary welcomed their baby boy Myles that same year.

Many on social media reacted to the photo that the Turf Talk Boys — who describe themselves as “just a couple of degenerates blogging about sports and life” — tweeted of Conley and his family. Some accused wifey of having an affair because Myles looks quite white-ish.

But 29-year-old Conley responsed to the ignorant trolls Instagram, saying he’s “blessed” to have Myles in his life.