*Damn, can a Black man get a break? Apparently not. 

When Karlos Cashe of Oviedo, Florida was pulled over by cops recently, he thought it was for a traffic violation, he had forgotten to turn his headlights on.

But when they saw white powder on his car seat and floorboard, they immediately suspected it was crack cocaine, and tests came back to confirm their suspicions. This according to authorities, who also say a K-9 unit sniffed out more “cocaine” and marijuana in the car.

Of course it didn’t help that Cashe, who now works as a handyman, had been out on probation that stemmed from marijuana and cocaine charges in 2015.

But after spending 90 days in Seminole County Jail — without the option of bond — lab tests on the substance came back negative. It had been drywall all along.

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