The Perspective

*This is the question The Perspective is posing?

The Perspective is a website designed to open your mind, by showing you what you‘re missing due to filter bubbles, a fragmented media landscape, and fake news. The site touches on current events, classic debates, and exposes readers to content they might be closed off from.

The Perspective

“We don’t set out to say anything objective in any given paragraph, on the contrary, we try our best to be subjective, but we make sure that for every Yin, there’s a Yang,” explained founder Daniel Ravner. “Also, what shapes our arguments (especially under the Essentials feature) is that we try not to focus on the strongest arguments, but on the ones that have the best chance of getting through to someone with an opposing view.”

According to the media creator, subjectivity is the brand’s promise.

“All of our features are structured to be balanced,” continued Ravner. “Plus, I’m lucky to have great researchers and writers so the content editing is really focused on that aspect.”
Features on the page employ a psychology approach and are designed to enable users to consider contradicting views, that might otherwise feel threatening.

The Perspective


Subjective Timeline: Takes on the biggest ongoing conflicts and designs a timeline showcasing how the same milestones are perceived, by both sides.

My Perspective: The user-generated platform allows people to share how the big issues relate to them in their daily lives.

Trending Perspectives: Scours the web to find worthwhile contradictory content on daily hot topics and displays them side by side. Users can read, vote, comment and play.

Essentials: Original articles, presenting two sides but researched and written to appeal to the values of those who might be opposed to it.

The Perspective Challenge: A gamified platform, where you influence people you know and “pay,” by allowing your point of view to be influenced by them.

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