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*Phaedra Parks is so determined to say NO to her estranged husband Apollo Nida, that she’s going back to court.

She’s refusing to hand over confidentiality financial records to him because she fears they could end up in the wrong hands and be used to commit fraud.

Here’s what theJasmineBrand is reporting:

Phaedra says she reached a deal with Apollo’s lawyer over a protective order which would cover document they exchange during the discovery phase of the case, where they hand over records, info & docs to the other party.

However, she says due to Apollo being in prison, his lawyer had to take the agreement to him to sign. She claims he is now trying to back out of the deal and as a result she will not turn over anything to him.

She fears the case will be turned into a spectacle if her financial affidavits showing her income & assets are made public. Phaedra explains the risk of the information being leaked to the press, only to become another gossip website headline over the divorce.

Phaedra says if her information leaks, it would likely cause her unnecessary intrusion into details of her personal finances and cause her family embarrassment.

She believes without a protective and confidentiality order in the case, neither her nor her kids can be protected from the risk of annoyance and embarrassment.

The bottom line is Phaedra fears if she turns over the records to Apollo, the information may end up in the wrong person’s hands which would result in her incurring significant expenses if the person uses the info illegally or fraudulently.