*Timeless, ageless beauty Kathleen Bradley-Redd continues to be admired and adored for her lasting career as an actress, model, emcee-host, singer and now author.

Kathleen was the first African American model to land a spot on the popular game show The Price Is Right in 1990, when it was hosted by Bob Barker.

Her stint lasted a decade, it broke the color lines, and she recently documented her journey in the book: Backstage At The Price Is Right, Memoirs of a Barker Beauty.  You won’t believe what actually happened!

Kathleen Bradley-Redd enjoying book tour & Memoirs of a Barker Beauty (Kathleenbradley.TV)

Kathleen ventured to Los Angeles as a teen from Girard, Ohio.  The former Miss Black California has played many roles in Hollywood and has adorned runways around the globe.  Her credits include: Vashti in “Perfume,” as well as roles in “Bitter Inheritance” and “She’s the One.”

She can also be seen in “Casino Comedy” starring Eddie Griffin, and “Unconditional Love” with Henry Silva & Tracy Ross. Other feature film credits include Eddie Murphy’s “Harlem Nights,” and “Troop Beverly Hills.” Of course there’s always that one role that becomes iconic and for Kathleen, it’s the sexy next door neighbor Mrs. Parker, who waters her yard in the sweltering heat in Ice Cube’s classic movie “Friday.”

Currently, Kathleen enjoys being a wife, mother, mentor and motivator as she shares her interpersonal and professional journey in Backstage At The Price Is Right.  She is more than a pretty face, she is a beautiful soul with a story to tell, some of it is too spicy for prime time that’s why she had to write about it after all these years.

To purchase her book or inquire about booking her as a speaker or host, visit KathleenBradley.tv.  For autographed copies send your request to: [email protected].

Kathleen Bradley’s new book is as hot as fish grease. Yep, we said it. Get yours at KathleenBradley.TV

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