getting divorced, going broke

*Former Spice Girl Mel B was back in Los Angeles on Friday to face her ex Stephen Belafonte, who she says tormented her with years of physical and mental abuse.

As their divorce intensifies, so do the details about her lavish spending — which has allegedly left her nearly broke.

According to multiple reports, Brown has spent $38 million on her extravagant lifestyle, and the court was told that she and Stephen both have outstanding tax debts after making “improvident” lifestyle choices, reports

Belafonte, who says he’s homeless, is reportedly requesting spousal support to the tune of $4,300 for food and groceries, $2,000 a month for clothing, $11,000 a month for housing and $750 a month for his phone bill. Mel calls his demands “exorbitant.”

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going broke

Her attorney, Jacalyn Davis, pointed out that she is just about as broke as Stephen. Brown’s money woes were “sustained through improvident lifestyle choices,” her lawyer told the court, adding, “They never had money at the end of the year to pay their taxes. All their community income was being spent and then some. In this marriage, that would be Miss Brown’s income from the Spice Girls.”

The ex-couple reportedly spent money on items such as three armored cars, each retailing for nearly a quarter of a million dollars. The cars can withstand bullets, bombs and even chemical attacks. Her money also went to jewels and about $575,000 was spent on handbags. She also pays her staff $300,000 a year.

Mel and Stephen settled for nothing but the most exquisite when it came to family vacations. They reportedly always traveled by private jet, and they once spent three weeks in Hawaii where Mel rented a villa that came with a full staff and a butler.

“Because I’m always traveling with my kids, I always need something for their entertainment,” she said. “There also has to be snorkeling and lovely sunsets.”

In 2014, Brown revealed she bought a small island off the coast of Virginia, as well.

Belafonte’s lawyer, Grace Jamra, claims they lived an “affluent” lifestyle and requested the sale of the couple’s L.A. mansion.

“Their lifestyle was extravagant and affluent. She wiped out all her Spice Girls money, approximately $50 million if not more,” she said.

Brown’s Los Angeles home is currently on the market for nearly $7 million.